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As a b-list blogger, you often become the target of business authors, software developers, and search engine opportunists who want you to promote their wares. I love being the target of this attention, though, because I love reading books and I love seeing applications out on the market. As a product manager, I recognize how difficult it is to take an able application and turn it into a wondrous application.

It’s not often, but every once in a while, you get your hands on something special. Software should be simple, easy to navigate, with functionality that anticipates what the user wishes to do next. Onehub is a breath of fresh air and has exactly what a user seeks in building out a project site that they would be proud to invite their clients to.

Onehub – Share Business Information

Today I received a note through my contact form from Laurel Moudy, Marketing Director of Onehub. The email invited me and 500 of my readers (read on for your invitation code) to try out Onehub at no cost. Ironically, at the same time I received the invite, I was also moving my email to Google Apps so I couldn’t confirm my registration. I had to wait until this evening.

The wait was worth it.

As soon as you log into onehub, the interface is striking, simple and heavily Web 2.0. Large, readable fonts with minimal controls and maximum whitespace hide the plethora of options you have to build out an incredible project site.

Your first option is functional – how will you be using the site?
onehub type

Next up is how to design, layout and add the necessary components to your blog. The entire interface is built in a near-WYSIWYG style editor:
onehub edit

As soon as you design and add your components, the site is ready to go!
onehub view

If you’d like to give Onehub a try, Laurel was nice enough to pass on 500 beta accounts, just use the invitation code marketingtechnology. If you’re an agency, designer, or web developer – don’t pass this up. This is a great application and very easy to use. If you’re none of the above – but you need a project repository and are not tech savvy, this is the perfect application for you.


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    I am looking into OneHub and at a first glance it looks like something that might work for me. Do you know if it has an e-mail interface?

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