Web Testing, Browsers and Resolutions

browser resolution infographic

The team over at Webby Monks have put together this helpful website testing ionfographic (Click through for an interactive infographic). The infographic defines must test browsers, their Operating Systems and resolutions. Here are some associated stats highlighted in the infographic:

  • Mobile Internet Browsing has surpassed 24% share worldwide
  • Windows 7 remains to be the most popular desktop OS with around 54% market share, followed by Windows XP
  • Android is one of the increasingly popular mobile OS with 44% of market share followed by iOS
  • Google Chrome remains to be favorite desktop browser for people with 47% of market share followed by IE (yuck)
  • Safari has 55% market share and Android has 25% marketing share, the favorite mobile browsers
  • 1366*768, 1280*1024 and 768*1024 are the most common resolutions

web testing browsers resolutions

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