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pencil-chart.png Most people instinctively change their communication style when speaking to a child, a close friend, or someone who does not speak English as a native language.  Why?  Because each group has a different frame of reference, experiences, and relationship with the speaker which will effect their ability to interpret the message.

The same is true in your written communication or copy writing. While I advocate business owners reuse content across platforms, press releases, news letters, blog posts and social media, it is important to adjust the delivery for the specific platform.

For example:  Writing a press release announcing a new hire might start with:

Marietta Financial Services, an Indianapolis based accounting, tax planning, and small business consulting practice, announced today Jeffrey D. Hall; CPA has joined their organization as a tax and business consultant. Jeffrey brings more than ten years of accounting, audit and tax preparation and planning experience to this new role.

The same news posted on the company blog should be more informal, and conversational in tone.  The copy might look like this:

We are excited to announce Jeffrey Hall has joined Marietta Financial Services, as a tax and business consultant.  We know our clients will benefit from Jeffrey's ten years of accounting, audit and tax preparation and planning experience.

And in social media the copy writing should be even more casual.  A Tweet might be:

@jeffhall is now a member of the team @marietta. Add him to your follow list, and send your tax questions his way! (Don't go looking for @jeffhall on Twitter yet, I am still working with that client to get them up to speed, this is an example of how the media could be used.)

So the next time you write something for one medium, think about how it can be modified, and used in other locations.  Building this tactic into your routine will simplify the process of building your on line visibility through smart use of relevant content.


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    You're right Lorraine. Although the content will essentially say the same thing, the delivery will be modified. That is one attribute of a good copy writer–they can change the style to the necessary situation and audience. This is definitely an ability I am still working on.

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