Webtrends 9 Delivered: Exceeds All Expectations

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In April 2009, Webtrends CEO Alex Yoder stood in front of his customers, the press, analysts and his board and committed that Webtrends would deliver on a new user experience vision. I asked the question… did Webtrends simply rebrand itself or is it being reborn?

The answer came today… and Alex and his team have delivered Webtrends is reborn!

I had the opportunity to tinker with Webtrends old interface and it looked like it was a decade old (it may have been!). The new interface with Webtrends 9 is elegant, simple, clean and has exceptional usability. It feels as though you just sat down in a new Mercedes.

Once you dive into details on a given account, though, you're able to seamlessly navigate either from report to report, account to account, or select different views (top right):

The views have a couple nifty features of their own, like the story view… which pulls your data and puts it into common English. This is a sharp feature for executive reporting:

There's a table view… which you can literally copy and paste and maintain cell formatting:

There are two revolutionary features, though, that caught my attention.

The first feature should be a feature in every organization's arsenal if they wish to make their platforms easy to integrate. That feature is the ability to click share and retrieve the actual data in Excel, XML or retrieve the actual REST API call! Wow!

The HUGE feature that I believe will shake the foundations of the Analytics world is the ability to overlay any RSS feed onto your data! Online marketing has dramatically changed over the last few years and off-site metrics are directly impacting online stats. The ability to overlay a Twitter Search, News, your Blog, the weather… the list is endless!

The new user interface is developed over their API – a move that provides incredible flexibility in developing new styles, new reports and new features.

Kudos to Alex and his team at Webtrends. All customers were migrated to the new interface today and the reaction has been incredibly good.

Did I mention it runs on the iPhone, too?

What do you think?

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