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That’s it? That’s all we get? I checked the blogs and even called Webtrends VP, Jascha, to find out the scoop on the ominous message and date on the Webtrends site. I tried to squeeze some additional information out of the Webtrends social media guru, Justin.

No go. This is all we get:


I checked Twitter for #webtrends news: Matthew Bragg asked on Twitter:

CEO Alex Yoder stood up at the April 2009 Engage Conference and set some lofty goals for his organization. The company has gone through an entire restructuring and has made the news on embracing and integrating social media, and providing free access for customers to their data via the API.

Webtrends continues to intrigue me more than any other player on the market. I’ve actually started utilizing Webtrends personally and am looking forward to August 4th to finding out what’s next!


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