In Vegas This Week at WebTrends Engage

WebTrends Engage 2009 ConferenceI won't be in attendance for the entire conference, but the gracious folks at WebTrends and Voce Communications have invited me out to attend a corporate blogging panel at WebTrends Engage 2009 Conference this week in Las Vegas. WebTrends is a leading provider of web analytics and consumer-centric marketing intelligence solutions.

I'm eager to spend time with New Media Strategist Justin Kistner to see how our organizations can help one another. The conference has a packed agenda, including top Obama campaign data managers who will share secrets for precise audience targeting, new media engagement and data testing.

As well, the conference is incorporating it's own social network for attendees and speakers to keep in communication with one another, something that I've not seen in the past with online marketing conferences but definitely adding value to the package. Of course, there's a Engage '09 Twitter account as well!

If you're going to be at the event, or even in Vegas, be sure to look me up! I'm looking forward to speaking at the event and meeting some industry colleagues that I've only had the pleasure of speaking to online.

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    Thanks for the mention about Engage. We are excited to have you join us. In addition to Obama’s data architects we also have Ian Ayres speaking about the power of data and predictive modeling in modern day marketing. Personally, I enjoyed his book SuperCrunchers and i’m looking forward to hearing him speak.

    See you there,


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