Webtrends Streams: Real-Time Visualization and Targeting

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Webtrends’ annual conference, Engage, just finished and they announced some intriguing enhancements to their software as a service (SaaS) analytics offering Webtrends Streams™.

Webtrends Streams™ provides rich visitor-level details showing what an individual customer is doing in their current session. It provides the sequence of events that led the customer to where they are RIGHT NOW as-it-happens, allowing marketers to determine which products that user previously bought or looked at, or what path was taken before the last action was completed. It also provides high-value session summary information in the Stream including the number of product views, events, purchases and abandonment status specific to that individual session. Steve Earl, Webtrends Director of Product Marketing.

Webtrends Streams is a standalone product – and can be leveraged with any analytics platform including Webtrends, of course.

There are 4 key visualizations that marketers can utilize to help determine, in real-time, how to target content on the site.

Traffic Seismograph

Keep a pulse on how customers are coming to your site and what they are looking for once they get there.

Campaign View

Enable immediate insight into where customers are coming from and going to for individual pages on the site. This is insightful for home page traffic or to measure how a particular landing page of a campaign is performing.

Global Activity View

Gain critical insight into the location of your visitors and how they are getting to your site. Watch it live as customers enter your site.

Device View

View what your visitors are reading right now and on what type of device.

The data captured isn’t simply for visualization, though. Event data is captured and sent to the streaming collection server (SCS). An advanced processing engine analyzes and enriches the event data in three seconds or less. The data is then made available to an API in JSON format, and can be consumed by an application or a visualization via a web sockets connection and the Webtrends Streams API.

Additionally, retargeting is possible now with Webtrends Streams for Responsys. This strategy can drastically reduce the time window for and improve the probability of success for marketers with regard to online abandonment events, such as shopping cart, product views and browser abandonment.

The session Streams data within Webtrends Optimize enhances onsite testing and targeting, giving marketers the ability to leverage in-session visitor-level information to increase the relevance of the customer experience, which will ultimately drive greater conversion rates. Think full-session scoring in real-time!

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