What a Day!

As I walked out to my car this morning, I was instantly pelted with a nice ice storm. Imagine rain, just frozen. I had to break the shell of ice on my car (a Ford 500) and then clear off about 10 inches of snow that fell last night. The kids were home – school was canceled. I made it to work without much of a problem (thank goodness for AWD).

I hiked the 4 blocks to work through the snow and was pretty much exhausted (yea, I know… lose weight!). At work, a nice arrangement of bagels and fruit awaited the brave few who made it in. On a floor with 30+ other people, I think I was one of 6 that made it to the office. I live South of Indianapolis and the Northside was really beaten up bad! And tonight there's a repeat:

Pic from Wish TV:

Indianapolis is a beautiful city when it snows. The architecture and monuments look incredible with snow delicately clinging to them. I wish I could have walked around with a camera today… but there was work to do.

Work was a real challenge. I spent the day on Instant Messenger and the phone. We've got an engaged team of professionals that are starting to build momentum on a great release for early next year. Not having others to bounce ideas and commentary off of really made it tough to be productive, so I buried myself in documents and did some prototyping.

The ride home was pretty quiet. With the streets empty, I decided to take my son, Bill, out to get some experience driving in the snow. We found a great empty lot with over a foot of snow and I had him do some donuts, loss of control practice, sliding and quick braking… he was pretty amazed at how the car handled it (as was I)… antilock brakes, traction control, and all wheel drive really do provide so much more control. It's amazing. He practiced for about 30 minutes and then we left just in case someone called the police and thought we were messing around.

We stopped for a quick dinner and I got home and started playing with some PHP and Technorati's API. Some of the code samples haven't been touched in years on their site (hint, hint). With PHP5's handling of XML inherent, I hope that someone does some updating soon. I wrote some code but couldn't actually get valid responses via PHP… so now I'm frustrated and calling it a night. I don't believe it's their API… I can cut and paste my request in the browser with no issues.

My hope is to build a nice widget that provides a profile of a blog… the ranking, latest posts, tag cloud, etc. so that it's easy to either post it on your own blog or look up someone elses. I'll get there, but I'm calling it a night. Sorry this isn't a more helpful post! I'll get back on track soon!

I'm going to get some sleep for the hike tomorrow!


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    I was looking actually some information about trackbacks (that’s how I found your site) but I can’t belive, what do I see here on the graphic! I worked not so far from Richmond, so all this snow looks amazing for me! Wow! 🙂

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    Huh, yeah I found what I was looking for – thanks. Could You tell me why WP is better than Serendipity? I just started my weblog but using Serendipity software – you know it?

    [I come from Poland, currently living in Germany – for me those storms aren’t anything strange – but in Your area it’s pretty rare – enjoy!!!]

    • 4

      Hi Maciek,

      Not being familiar with Serendipity, I wouldn’t want to dissuade you from utilizing it. I’m a fan of WordPress because of the ability to customize it and the web presence it has. I think the features of blogging software are becoming more and more standard (pings, trackbacks, commenting, blogrolls, etc.), so if you like it – then go for it!

      One article I read held Serendipity in very high regard and the feature set closely matched WordPress, so I’m not sure one is better than the other.


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