SocialReacher: What is Social Media Employee Advocacy?


At a content conference, I listened to my friend Mark Schaefer talk about a company that had over one-hundred thousand employees but only a few social shares when the brand updated social media. What kind of message does that send to consumers? asked Mark. Great question and the answer was simple. If employees – arguably the greatest advocates of the brand – weren't sharing the social updates, they obviously weren't something worth sharing at all.

We worked with another public company whose workforce was largely customer service professionals. These weren't bottom of the line CSRs, they worked with every single customer to remove conflicts between the customer and third parties, or find customers great solutions. Every single day they were going to work and achieving amazing results. Only one problem… no one knew about it. The content team didn't share these stories. The promotions teams weren't promoting these stories. Employees weren't sharing these stories.

Worst of all, prospective customers never heard the stories.

I encouraged the company to deploy an employee advocacy strategy where stories could be easily streamed to the content team, the promotions teams could work with public relations and paid opportunities to promote the content, and – most of all – employees would then echo the amazing work they were doing.

Unfortunately, the company just kept spending more money on new television commercials and more advertising. Ugh.

What is Social Media Employee Advocacy?

Social media employee advocacy tools enable your company’s employees and collaborators to be social advocates for your brand. When employees promote and echo your content, events, news, and updates via social media, the strategy boosts your company’s social media presence, amplifies the reach of your brand, and builds credibility by engaging your team to share and promote corporate content.

Recently launched, SocialReacher is a platform built for employees and collaborators to discover and share your brands' stories. Best of all, you can track the results and even incentivize the sharing. According to Altimeter, 21% of consumers prefer content that employees have published, outperforming other methodologies

There’s nothing more credible than having your employees who know the company from within voluntarily share your content and show their pride in belonging to your organization. Companies nowadays have access to substantial social capital, yet employees are a largely untapped marketing resource. Our goal with SocialReacher is to enhance social media exposure for companies while helping employees feel involved with the development and growth of the brand. Ismael El-Qudsi, CEO of Internet República

Features and capabilities of SocialReacher

  • Easy Customization – designated campaign manager determines the type of content that will be shared, when the campaign will be launched, the segment of employees to be targeted, and which social media outlets will be used.
  • Content Pre-Approval – platform allows for posts to be pre-approved before they are published to maintain alignment with the overall marketing strategy.
  • Incentives Dashboard – companies can activate rewards to encourage employee partipation in campaigns.
  • Bilingual Experience – platform is available in English and Spanish for a wider distribution of content across target markets.
  • Real-Time Analytics – companies have access to detailed engagement analytics, including retweets, likes, clicks, comments and views of content per user and campaign.

How Does SocialReacher Work?

The SocialReacher platform is fairly simple to configure and maintain. It follows a simple five-step process to easily manage your employees, curate your content to share, share it, measure the response, and drive additional usage through gamification.

  1. Invite employees and collaborators
  2. Create and curate content
  3. Share your content
  4. Measure the results
  5. Provide incentives

The platform facilitates campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and even on employees’ personal blogs. Here's a screenshot of the SocialReacher dashboard:

SocialReacher Dashboard

The platform was developed and released by Internet República, a digital marketing agency that specializes in developing innovative and turnkey online marketing solutions combining SEO, social media and blogging capabilities. Founded in Madrid, Spain in 2011 by a team of former HAVAS and Microsoft executives, Internet República has expanded internationally with offices in the United States and Latin America. Companies such as BMW, Volkswagen, Renault, Bacardi, and Yahoo have trusted Internet República with their digital marketing campaigns.

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