What’s My IP Address? And How to Exclude it from Google Analytics

What's My IP Address?

Sometimes that you need your IP address. A couple examples are whitelisting some security settings or filtering out traffic in Google Analytics. Keep in mind that an IP address that a web server sees is not your internal network IP address, it's the IP address of the network that you're on. As a result, changing wireless networks will produce a new IP address.

Many Internet service providers do not assign businesses or homes a static (unchanging) IP address. Some services expire and reassign IP addresses all the time.

Your IP Address is:

To exclude internal traffic from appearing in a Google Analytics report view, create a custom filter to exclude your specific IP address:

  1. Navigate to Admin (Gear in bottom left) > View > Filters
  2. Select Create New Filter
  3. Name your Filter: Office IP Address
  4. Filter Type: Predefined
  5. Select: Exclude > traffic from the IP Addresses > that are equal to
  6. IP Address:
  7. Click Save

Google Analytics Exclude IP Address