What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality

The acceleration of technology is breath-taking. If you would have asked me my opinion on virtual reality a year ago, I probably would have told you that it's a got a limited opportunity in education and entertainment. However, as I mentioned in a recent post after attending Dell Technology World, seeing the digital transformation that's happening in the world is changing my perspective on just about everything.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is an immersed experience where the user's visual and audible senses are replaced with manufactured experiences. Touch through haptic equipment can be added, scents for smell, and temperature can also be enhanced. The goal is to replace the existing world and have the user believe they are in the interactive simulation created through these devices.

The acceleration is happening with the assistance of artificial intelligence – systems can learn to fill the gaps that the development framework hadn't touched yet. I shared an incredible story where McLaren simulations were so accurate that predictions made by their simulators were so accurate that they were used to prepare and adjust the race cars. That's absolutely amazing… virtual reality predicting actual reality. Whoa.

Fullestop researched and developed Virtual Reality and produced the following infographic. Fullestop specializes in custom web design and development throughout world. Custom Design for business with unique needs. The infographic provides where VR was even applied to marketing opportunities with outstanding results:

It's not going to slow down, either. Spending on VR may reach $7 billion this year between hardware and software and could grow to $30 billion by 2020. There are 188 VR headsets available on Amazon with Oculus Rift rated one of the best. I watched as my daughter played several games with the Oculus Rift system combined with an Alienware Area 51 system and it was pretty amazing to see how quickly she was emersed in the experience.

Check out the infographic which details other industries and opportunities for Virtual Reality. It's getting pretty exciting!

What is Virtual Reality?


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