When did Old Spice become cool?

Old SpiceMy son and I had to make a run to the store tonight for some deodorant. We weren’t smelly or anything… he just started running out and so he stole my deodorant. So we get to the deodorant section at the local Kmart and he starts picking up Old Spice. Old Spice? I remember Old Spice 30 years ago. That means it’s Older Spice now, right? I guess not. Perhaps with aging, it’s gotten better.

I tell him to buy some good ol’ Mennon or Right Guard. He says no. He wants Old Spice.

I tell him I don’t want my house all stinkin like teenager and Old Spice.

He holds onto the Old Spice with a death grip.

I buy him the Old Spice.

Old Spice VideoWhen did Old Spice become cool? What the heck happened? One day, they’re putting together soap on a rope Christmas Packages and the next day they have some incredible website called When She’s Hot (or… with the humor of URLs, perhaps it’s… ‘When She Shot’. Anyways, you can actually mix your own beats and video at the site with some of the eye candy clips they have there. Here’s my video.

Old Spice… er… “OS” may have found the secret to becoming cool: don’t stink, show sexy woman. Now I know why my son picked.

Good luck with that, Bill! I went with the Right Guard XTREME.

They have Skateboarders… woohoo.


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    Man! You made my day, my dad always wore old spice and I did like the smell even though I never used it because it was not cool, like white socks. I want some now and what a way to start a day with some great marketing. The viedo is hot, I hope I do not splash too much on.

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    One of the things that I love about technology – it gives the tools for creative work to “ordinary” people. In this case, anyone can edit a film. This experience makes anyone more appreciative of what an editor does. (And fun, too).

    As far as Old Spice goes, I never liked it – but in those days it came in a dark brown packaging. Booring and ever so uncool. (Then again, the teenagers around here now run around, proudly showing the make of their underwear. Times do change. Life is fun.)

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