When Dilbert Makes SEO Jokes…


Good friend, Shawn Schwegman, sent this Dilbert cartoon over:

The conversation that followed was worthy of repeating as well:

When Dilbert starts cracking jokes about linkbuilding you know Google has a problem (and SEO has gone mainstream)” added local search expert Andrew Shotland.

It’s a great point. Every business that’s looking to build their search presence recognizes that they live and die by relevant backlinking. Crappy backlinking services are everywhere and will put your entire search engine strategy at risk with irrelevant links placed in auto posted, mechanized posts on sites that are open to phishing, porn and viagra links. Avoid them like the plague and don’t be tempted by the short-term gains. Over time, Google will continue to expose these and a best case scenario is that the links are ignored and you lost your money. Worst case is that you’re buried in the index and it takes months or years to regain authority.

If you really want backlinks, do it by writing great content, distributing that content through social and video mediums, develop Infographics, guest blog, and utilize a great press release firm that will get you exposed in authoritative industry publications.