Where is Your Audience?

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If you asked most people where they find their audience, you’ll often get a very narrow response. If you’re inbound marketing firm like DK New Media; for example, you may fill out all the details of a spreadsheet like this by only viewing your current prospects and limiting yourself to the strategies you’re proficient at. For example, you might do keyword research and focus your attention on search engines for those users seeking inbound marketing, search engine optimization, content strategies, etc.

The problem is that you’re only finding those users who don’t already have direction from their social and professional networks, trade magazines, and other outlets. You may get some search engine prospects, but you’re probably missing the majority of prospects who already did their research and have their prospective inbound marketing agencies lined up.

Where is Your Audience?

It’s not all about your target audience. It’s also about your current customers, your prospects’ upstream activity and their downstream activity.

Upstream Strategies

If you begin to think about prospect activity, building out an inbound marketing strategy comes within an overall marketing strategy after after some events or strategies are executed. Since we have a lot of experience with technology firms, prospects often seek us after they get funding, accountants, attorneys, brand development and even a web site. As a result, we actively promote ourselves and partner with those companies upstream of our services. We’ve built trusted relationships with those groups over time and they’re key to our growth.

Customer Strategies

Your customers don’t stop looking just because they’ve hired you. Quite the opposite, our clients are constantly validating information they provide on the Internet with us and comparing our performance and actions with other authorities in the industry. As a result, it’s a consistent strategy of ours to always be at the forefront of our industry. We speak at events, webinars and write for trade publications. We have a great PR firm that’s technology focused to continue to keep us in the spotlight.

Downstream Strategies

Our customers have downstream activities, too. If they’re looking for paid search, we have a paid search agency we work closely with. If they need branding help, we have a branding agency we direct them to. If they wish to expand their audience reach in social media, we have an interactive marketing agency who specializes there as well. We have an outbound sales company as well to handle nurturing and ongoing relationships.

By having these close relations, we’re able to trade clientele without stepping on each others’ toes and delivering great services – recognizing where each of our efforts stop and start.


We always work with clients to ensure they are found where their prospective audience is. Why rush to the same place all your competitors are? Begin to work upstream, downstream and in front of your current clients to drive more activity to your bottom line.

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