Where’s the Content?

Tonight I clicked through on an article link and wound up at this site. Is there some news on this page somewhere? (There is… I've highlighted it red). This is absolutely ridiculous! Who wants to read this page? There's ads, flashing, moving cars, floating divs… absolutely ridiculous. No wonder why I don't go to these sites. I can't actually find the content to read!

This is such a disservice to the reporter who obviously spent some time on an article (that I didn't read). I can't even think of an equivalent… perhaps watching a 3 minute TV show with 27 minutes of advertising.

Business Week


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    I agree totally Doug. It makes me wonder when I see a site like that if they are writing for advertising money or readers. Personally on a site like that I make it a mission NOT to click on any ads.

    As bloggers we struggle with how much “fancy” stuff to include on our blog. I have started a new feature on my blog where at the end of the week I post a summary of websites that have mentioned The Imus Show. My wife and Liz as Successful Blog think it’s sort of boring and should be spiffed up a little. But I hate to turn people off who are just looking for information, not fancy graphics. It doesn’t help that I don’t have a creative bone in my body when it comes to artistic stuff.

    Keep up the posts. I love your blog.

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