While You Were Having Dinner and Watching TV, We Were Building Businesses

startup weekend1

This weekend, 57 entrepreneur have been working on starting seven new business.  From software tools and social media to a portable laptop desk, the ideas are starting to come together.

And if you are curious enough about how all this is going to turn out, and what the judges ( including Douglas Karr) think about the business ideas, join us for networking and final presentations on Sunday night: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/851407583

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    One of the companies we’re working on is called eatdrinkit. We’ll be at eatdrink.it and you can follow us @eatdrinkit. Keep watching, we’ll reveal more info as we get closer to the pitch on Sunday. We’d love to see you there at the pitch so you can vote for use. I think you’ll like what we’re doing!

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