Why did Typepad make a WordPress Anti-Spam Plugin?

I ran the new Typepad Anti-spam plugin for over a week and both Typepad and Akismet identified exactly the same comments as spam. I deleted Typepad – no need to have both.

This makes me curious. Why did Typepad write their own plugin? If part of the plugin’s accuracy is due to how many people have installed it, was it so that Typepad could provide their users better protection by expanding their coverage?

Akismet charges for commercial use of their plugin. Did Typepad offer this to undercut Akismet’s income?

Curious minds want to know!

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      Hi Jon,

      My only advice is to run the latest version of WordPress. At least it’s ‘ajaxian’ in nature and allows the page to update on the fly as you mark items. Quite honestly, if it goes to Spam, I don’t review it – Akismet’s been working quite well!


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    Simple answer, Doug, we did it because we wanted to help people block spam. 🙂 And we thought we had something that was not just more free and more open, but better-performing as well. Easy!

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