Why ExactTarget and CoTweet Makes Sense

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At first I was a bit shocked by the news, ExactTarget and CoTweet? Email and Twitter? They seemed like distant cousins to me, I didn't exactly get it.

Tonight I spoke to Chris Baggott, co-founder of ExactTarget and now CEO of Compendium Blogware. Chris couldn't say enough great things about the move, was incredibly excited for Scott Dorsey… and explained how it really does make sense:

  • Email and Twitter are not unlike one another. They are both opt-in and push-style communication methods.
  • CoTweet is an enterprise management system for Twitter, ExactTarget is an enterprise email marketing platform. The businesses that have been attracted to each are prospects for one another.
  • CoTweet and the Social Media Lab provide a Silicorn Valley company with Silicon Valley visibility.
  • CoTweet allows ExactTarget to dive into Social Media without the huge risk or expense of purchasing one of the other social applications out there.

It's a great way for ExactTarget to dip its toes into social media. Some might argue that email was the original social medium… I can't argue with that. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next with ExactTarget and am personally excited that CoTweet now has roots in Indianapolis! I'm also happy it won't be rebranded ExactTweet! 🙂

I'm also excited for Scott Dorsey! Scott was who I interviewed with at ExactTarget back in the early days – and he never lost his passion, enthusiasm and excitement for the company. No doubt this is only a first chapter in many to come! Congratulations ExactTarget and CoTweet!


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    Welcome Knotice!

    The email industry, as you know, has changed quite a bit over the last couple years. You folks are one of the few who have realized that marketers don’t want to add another service – they want to reduce their services and simplify their strategies. We keep throwing new channels at them – and this requires more automation, and easier tools.

    I don’t think it’s as much about ExactTarget making more money than defending the money they are currently making. There’s an opportunity to automate and develop communication dashboards for marketers to handle all outbound, permission-based communication. If ExactTarget doesn’t evolve, they’re not going to sustain growth. This is a step in that direction.


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    Agreed. We have also loosely called the tech community around here “Silicon Prairie.” 🙂

    The CoTweet acquisition is very exciting and once the technologies come together, we will see something that no one else can offer in terms of interactive communications.

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