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Why Inbound Marketers Use Infographics

We’ve shared many infographics on MarTech and developed many of our own infographics for the blog, its sponsors and for our other clients. This infographic from Performancing touches on why inbound marketing companies utilize infographic… including that they are versatile, linkworthy, and controllable.

That’s not all, though. As we develop infographics we’re not just looking to build linkbait. We find that infographics are best developed when they boil down a complex process or topic. Doing this graphically is often easier consumed than writing it out in a long post or a whitepaper. And folks readily share them because they don’t want to have to explain the topic, either! In short, they’re valuable content that are easy to share with your audience. That’s what content marketing is all about!

And while obtaining a link is great, we don’t always require it when we distribute them. We do often add a call to action and some branding to drive the traffic back to the client’s website. And it works!

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