Why Mobile Applications Are Different

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There was a time that I was a naysayer about mobile applications. I thought that we merely had to wait until HTML5 and mobile browsers were here and the apps would simply disappear the way of desktop software. But they haven’t.

Our own mobile application designed by the user experience experts at Postano has totally destroyed my old view. Here’s our mobile stats via Webtrends.

Marketing App Stats

One look at the statistics of our application and it should change your mind as well. While we only have 272 users since launching, we have over 15.3k screenviews – that’s 14.1 screen views per session! And each of those sessions is averaging almost 6 minutes! While content is king, it’s not simply the content that’s attracting so much attention. The application is incredibly well designed – from category integration to the integrated podcast and videos at the touch of a finger.

You can see by the tail end of the stats that we recently enabled push notifications. That’s definitely producing more sessions per user. We’re also still working on improving the content further. We’ve got to put some play buttons on the videos (code is done, just not implemented) and get our sponsors some mentions.

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