WHYAnalytics: Who is Visiting Your Site?

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Typical analytics provides a lot of insight into “how many”, “when” and “where” the visitors come and go on your site, but not a lot of information on why they actually are. Understanding who is coming can lead to improved content strategies so you can tap into your visitors’ emotion and better understand their intent.

VisualDNA has launched WHYanalytics, a new (free) analytics tool that profiles their site visitors. It gives publishers and website owners a real-time view into their site traffic based on visitors’ emotional characteristics – showing why they’re visiting, as they visit.

How? WHYanalytics instantly matches site traffic against VisualDNA’s global database of more than 160 million profiled users to detail who’s visiting the site at that moment and what’s motivating them to do so (data spans more than 120 different emotive characteristics).


WHYanalytics benefit to publishers and advertisers?

  • Can show advertisers how to reach the publisher’s audiences based on their emotive traits
  • Get visuals on how their audience’s personality changes throughout the day/month/year
  • They can tailor content/news articles and messaging to visitors based on personality, interests and their needs
  • Uncover new, high-value visitors that attract more/better brands and advertisers

Simple to deploy and free to use, WHYanalytics is a new tool from VisualDNA that provides deeper insights into WHO is visiting your website: going beyond standard web analytics and traditional demographics. Discover and compare the personality characteristics of the real people behind your traffic to understand WHY they might be visiting. If Google Analytics tells you the where, what and when of web traffic, WHYanalytics tells you who and why.

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