Add Media to Your Site Easily with Wimpy Player

A couple of years ago, I was looking for a nice Flash MP3 player so that my son could add his music to his blog easily. Flash players are nice to implement because they can stream the music rather than making the user download it all at once. After I searched and searched, I finally happened across the Wimpy Player.

This weekend, an interview I did for NPR on using online resources for improving your compensation was posted online. The spot was so nice that I wanted to post it on the web tool that I built, Payraise Calculator.

Wimpy Players

Wimpy has several players, a simple button, an audio player, and a video player. Perhaps the nicest feature of all three are that they are affordable and fully customizable. I designed the player on my son’s site in about 30 minutes.

I designed a player for Jones Soda that they featured on their website last year. Yesterday, I designed a simple button player for Payraise Calculator in about ten minutes.

Audio is a fantastic tool for websites. I don’t believe it should be overused or automatically started (I hate being surprised by audio online!), but it can really add a lot to the website – providing personality just as a photo or video does. For an information or web tool, an audio clip can provide some authority to the site as well.

What do you think?

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