The Top 11 Features of Windows 8

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While my home and office are totally equipped with Macs, I can't say that I'm unimpressed with Windows 8. I know that sales have been soft, but I believe it was a courageous evolution in the Windows history, an advancement in usability, and a beautiful operating system. Microsoft is a worthy adversary… they still own the business OS market, they still own the office market, and they still have a lot of cash on hand to buy up encroaching technologies.

Your marketing team still needs to pay attention to developing apps and [insert swearing] Internet Explorer compatible pages. This latest infographic from Dot Com Infoway (DCI) provides a clear overview of facts, figures and features that will help users get familiar with the new OS.

I only take issue with one opinion… that Windows 8 has a steep learning curve. If you can't figure out to click a square on a screen, you may just need to give up on technology! My favorite aspect of Windows 8 is that you get the same experience – whether you're on a phone, a tablet, a touchscreen or a laptop.

Windows 8 Features


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    As much as I agree with most of the points you are making in your article (and the things mentioned in the infographic) I have to disagree with you point where you said: “My favorite aspect of Windows 8 is that you get the same experience – whether you’re on a phone, a tablet, a touchscreen or a laptop.” I really don’t think that you get the same experience on various hardware platforms. Do you really consider using Windows 8 on a laptop the same as using Windows 8 on a tablet? I hardly think so. The way these devices are operated is just so different that Windows 8 had to make a sacrifice, unfortunately, in favor of tablets and decreasing the user-friendliness on PCs and laptops. Don’t you think?

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      It’s great feedback, Michael. Each is definitely optimized for their specific hardware. My point was more to do with the learning curve… If you master Windows 8 on a tablet, for instance, picking up a mobile device or jumping on a laptop will be relatively seamless.

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