Wipster: Video Review and Approval Platform

wipster video review

We’ve been working with our friends at 12 Stars Media (long-time fans and friends!) on a client’s video. It’s a sophisticated video, involving intros, outros, b-roll, customer footage, and interviews all wrapped up in just over 2 minutes.

They sent over a link where we can access the video via Wipster, a video review and approval platform. It’s a very intuitive interface where each viewer is color-coded and can comment on any location at any point in the timeline. The interface includes a drag and drop interface to intuitively upload and manage your videos.

The platform has a to-do list where comments are automatically made into tasks and can be checked off. You can also download a PDF or print a copy of them, or subscribe to an activity feed. The platform also allows you to create shared folders and authenticated users to limit access between clients or even those invited for feedback.

Review and Approve via Adobe Premiere Pro

The Wipster Review Panel for Adobe Premiere lets you send your edit out to clients for feedback without leaving your edit suite, while Wipster encodes, uploads, shares and collates feedback behind the scenes. Collaborators can watch as the comments automatically appear as markers on the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline.

Review and Approve via Mobile

If that’s not easy enough, Wipster is optimized for mobile so you can easily review, comment and approve video on the go, using any device.

Pricing is too easy – just $15 per user per month. It takes all of a few seconds to get started.

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