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Woopra is an analytics platform that focuses on your prospects and customers, not pageviews. It’s a highly customizeable analytics platform that focuses on customer interaction with your site – not simply the paths they’re taking. The insight provided can allow you to use real-time data to drive real-time actions.

Some of Woopra’s unique platform features:

  • Customer Profiles – Identify your customers by email and add their names to their profiles. Integrate customer data directly into Woopra’s profiles to customize them for your business. Tie data like a user’s account level, purchase history, or other customer level data. Woopra’s technology even tracks customers across multiple devices. Since it’s real-time, you can see who is on your site right now.
  • Automated and Custom Reports – Reports are automatically generated based on the data you’re tracking. Woopra will automatically generate revenue purchase or customer reports grouped by days, weeks, months, categories, SKUs, segments, or projects that you add your customers to.
  • Conversion Funnels – Pinpoint major drop-offs in your conversion process and identify at what stage your customers are abandoning. Know how long customers spend between each goal, identify your best and worst converting segments and compare customer conversion rates by segment or project.
  • Customer Retention – Compare how well you retain groups of customers who started using your product around the same time (day, week, or month). This allows you to see the effect changes in your product or offerings have had on your customer base.
  • Event Triggers – Send an email, update your customer profile or integrate other actions with Woopra’s Webhooks.

See for yourself why over 3,000 companies choose Woopra. Start a 30-day free trial or schedule a demo with them. No credit cards, no obligations.


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    Thanks for the overview. I think that Woopra, with its real time analytics, is a great alternative to Google Analytics. I also combine it with the analytics provided by my livechat, Visitlead, so it’s even easier to find correlations. The best part is that there’s no need to integrate it, all relevant elements get forwarded directly to Woopra. https://visitlead.com/plugins/analytics-woopra/

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