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No WordPress 2.0 Spellcheck Plugin? Use Google Toolbar

ABCAlright, for the last half hour, I’ve been guilt-ridden after dropping Google 10 degrees on the Coolmometer. Luckily for Google, they’ve just gotten back 3 degrees!

One of the big complaints with WordPress and the plugin that everyone is waiting for is a spellcheck plugin. I must admit that it was something I’ve desperately needed as well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve posted, then found my dumb spelling error later on. What I just figured out is that WordPress doesn’t need to develop a Spellcheck Plugin thanks to Google Toolbar!

I was messing with all the buttons on the Google toolbar in Firefox when I tried the lil’ ABC button. Boy was I amazed when I figured out that it was a very robust spellcheck!!! You can simply click the button and any words that may be spelled incorrectly are highlighted red. You can then select the suggestions from a menu, or edit the word. I’m pretty sure this will work much better than any spellchecker that the smart folks at WordPress will get into the application! To end the spellcheck, simply click on the region and it’s a menu option.

Happy blogging with proper spelling! If they could only help my grammar and punctuation!

Here’s this post in the editor with the spellcheck results:

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