WordPress 2.1 is here… Hmmmm

The jury is out… I'm going to wait for others to chime in on WordPress 2.1 but here's my preliminary:

  • Glad they renamed some of the menu options – blogroll makes more sense than links and comments is better than discussions.
  • I'm on OSX and tried 3 browsers, Safari, Camino and Firefox 2 and none will allow me to browse the images that I've uploaded. UPDATE: Also tried Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP and had the same issue.
  • Ummmm… make sure you disable your plugins before the upgrade. Ooops… my site was pretty sketchy there for an hour or so as I did some rebuilding.
  • I didn't have a single plugin that broke… but I did wind up reactivating every single one to get the site back up.
  • Admin seems a little sluggish… could just be me. I do like the autosave function!!!
  • If I click Manage Uploads… blank screen as well.

WordPress 2.1

What do you guys think? Not being able to browse and insert images is really going to kill me. (I am able to upload them without a problem). I'm not updating any clients until I hear some more.


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What do you think?

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