WordPress 3.3 Arrives


WordPress 3.3 has arrived! The administrative interface usability is an improvement. When WordPress opened up the menuing, it seemed as though every Plugin developer out there decided to make a new menu. This made the menu system in WordPress quite frustrating. The new mouseover style menu makes it much simpler to scroll through and find what you need. The Administrative interface now works well on tablets as well.

One interesting feature added to the API is the ability to embed the WordPress text editor. This opens up the opportunity for developers to integrate their own administrative pages with editors. The editor itself has been improved to include a drag and drop interface, allowing for multiple files to be dropped in!

multi file uploader

Looks like the growth of Tumblr is also turning some heads at WordPress… the Tumblr importer is now live :). WordPress has posted a list of all improvements in WordPress 3.3 on its site.

What do you think?

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