Managing CTAs or Ads with WordPress

wordpress ad manager plugin

We run a combination of ad purchases on our site – including call to action banners promoting our services, affiliate ads of companies we trust, and sponsored ads with companies who we’ve chosen to partner with. The different combinations of packages are quite complex, so we integrated ad spots into our theme to manage display ads.

Combined with Jetpack’s visibility option with widgets, placing relevant and dynamic calls-to-action or ads is very easy to accomplish with WordPress today. Your WordPress site may not offer external advertising or require the options that we do. In fact, you may just want to manage your own CTAs. AdPress is a WordPress plugin built specifically for this.

AdPress is a premium plug-in to manage Ads. It’s a powerful and fully featured platform to sell and display ads for your WordPress blog:

  • Easy Setup – Create your campaign in few clicks with the AdPress Ad Designer. Specify how you Ad will display, the Call To Action Ad, the sale contract… Integrating your Ad Zone in your blog is quite simple. AdPress has widget, shortcode and function support.
  • Automated Selling – Users sign-up and purchase Ad Spots from their profile dashboard. Payment is automatically handled with PayPal. When a user make a purchase, you are notified in your dashboard, and you can accept or reject their Ad. PayPal refunds are supported too.
  • Ad Analytics – Ad Stats are accessible for both the Admin and the client who purchased the Ad. AdPress provide detailed statistics with CTR, Averages and a nice chart.
  • History, Import/Export, Customization – AdPress records the history of purchases of each Ad. It also has a powerful Import and Export feature which back-up all or a portion of your data to a back-up file. AdPress Ads can be fully customized. The generated HTML and CSS code for the Ads can be changed from the settings panel.
  • Help and Support – AdPress comes with a very detailed help file. They also offer a very fast support (forum+emails). Expect a response within a day or two.

Use our affiliate link and you can download AdPress for your site for just $35. The plugin has high ratings and almost one thousand purchases to date.

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