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rss whiteBrennan Knotts asked me on Twitter today if he could get a custom feed of the Mobile Marketing blog posts only. Woohoo! One of the factors of our redesign was to build out these custom categories so visitors could just read the information they wanted, without having to see every single post on the blog.

WordPress continues to enhance its platform with many features that don’t get a lot of attention. However, with the release of WordPress 3, they added theme support for automated feed links in your header. This means you can remove any RSS/feed link from your header.php file and simply add the following code to your functions.php file in your theme:

if(function_exists('add_theme_support')) {

What this accomplishes is putting a dynamically generated RSS link in your header that is automatically detected by external feed applications or other platforms that consume your feed(s). This is a really great feature for your audience.

Now you can simply read a feed specific to the blog category:

Combined with the specific category feed, the entire blog feed is also listed in the header.

I’m sure many folks would cringe – why would you provide less content to your audience… won’t that result in less traffic? It might… but providing more options in this world where everyone is a content provider is a nice thing to do for your audience. It’s now live on Martech Zone! Click on any of the category navigation links – and you can add the feed you want to your feed reader.

What do you think?

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