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We’re preparing for our second annual fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society with a Music & Technology Festival here in Indianapolis on April 26th. Last year we raised over $30,000 and we’re hoping to beat that this year.

This year we decided to rebrand the event to make it easier to remember, and to put up a site that better reflected the incredible fun we had last year. Our joy at rebranding soon came to a halt, though, as we tested WordPress theme after WordPress theme that were developed for events. To put it bluntly, they just sucked.

In fact, the best rated event theme on our favorite WordPress theme site set us back weeks as we couldn’t even figure out how to set it up. Lack of example data, terrible documentation, and zero support pushed us to give up.

We’ve had such great luck that I was honestly hesitant at making another theme purchase… but I landed on Showthemes and was intrigued by their offerings, as well as their focus, on event themes.

Within a few hours I had the site fully designed on their Fudge theme and populated without any issues at all! It even accommodated Eventbrite ticketing widgets well!

The event and conference themes are also responsive, making your event site or microsite beautiful to browse – even on the smaller screens. We love the themes so much that we signed up as an affiliate and have those links throughout this post. Hope you like them as well as we do – and see you on April 26th at our event!

Side note: Next year, I’m sure we’ll customize a child theme that offers tighter branding… but we’re pretty impressed with the theme as is, too!

Vertoh Conference Theme

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    Looks cool! I always swear by GeneratePress. It’s not targeted towards events but is a pretty good blank canvas for creating whatever kind of look you’re after.

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