WordPress Evolving into a CMS Powerhouse


WordPress is really evolving past a blog application and moving into some incredible features that blow away the typical CMS. I’m really amazed at how quickly the WordPress upgrades are coming as well as the ingenious features that are being added.

Now if they could just keep up with demand

This is the screen I was left with when I tried to download WordPress 2.6 this morning. It’s okay, though… I’ll wait.


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    Hi Douglas!, I really like your blog; though I am not exactly on the same business area, I like to read through the experiences of someone that is, and I enjoy most of the information. Ok, now enough for the compliments :), today I clicked on the RSS header of this post to get here and got an error, and it is not the first time that happens. The link in the RSS sends to feedburner and then to “wordpress-26-is-here” , while the correct link is “wordpress-evolving-into-a-cms-powerhouse”. I don’t know if it something from the configuration you might be able to change.


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