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While there’s a ton of folks in the industry that push WordPress, it can be daunting for a small business without tech savvy to take on building out their WordPress instance. This is a great infographic that walks a person or team through what they need to understand and setup when planning and implementing their WordPress site. I also love this infographic because it requires the user to click-through to the interactive microsite to see the answer.

In my opinion, there is only one recommendation missing from the recommendations – and that’s to go with a premier WordPress hosting service like Flywheel. By going with a great host, a small business can knock about half of these issues off their checklist, including backups, security, maintenance, performance, and support!

wordpress for small business


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    OMG! Love the “In My Opinion” statement most of all! Who in their right mind would even consider this when we now have great and inexpensive SaaS solutions? Here at Tyner Pond Farm (a clearly small business.) We use both Compendium and Hubspot. It’s easy, measurable and inexpensive. No where on this infographic do I see anything about analytics or measuring ROI.

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      People definitely underestimate the resources it requires to build out a professional implementation of WordPress. They think it’s “free” and then they slowly discover all the issues with customization, plugins, architecture, backups and security. We love WordPress but we’ve got a full-time WordPress developer and designer on staff… not too many businesses have those resources!

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    Hi there,

    Thanks teaching me on how to run a small business. WordPress is really a trustworthy and it have a understanding infographic. It is something that will benefits a lot of business, since it can serve as additional factor to your people.

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