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Using WordPress and Gravity Forms to Capture Leads

There’s a growing strategy of utilizing WordPress as your web site content management system. Many of these sites are beautiful but lack any strategy for capturing inbound marketing leads. Companies publish whitepapers, case studies and use cases in great detail without ever capturing the contact information of the folks who download them.

Developing a web site with downloads that can be attained through registration forms is a good inbound marketing strategy. By capturing contact information or perhaps even an opt-in for ongoing email communications – you’re letting the user know that they may be contacted in return for their contact information.

If you don’t use WordPress, want to use forms across multiple platforms or locations, or have very advanced needs, my recommendation is always Formstack. It’s simple to use, setup, and embed regardless of your site.

If you’re using WordPress, Gravity Forms has made a very popular plugin that works well for capturing data. Here’s a discussion of Inbound Marketing and how to capture leads using Gravity Forms:

Putting your document library out there is what my sales coach calls spilling your candy. It’s okay to give away this information – but be sure to request the prospects’ contact information in return.

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    Gravity Forms and WordPress is a great combination. Do you have any suggestions for hiding the actual URL to the download file and presenting a different download URL that could be used only once? Can something like be used to create a one-time download link? I’m thinking for uses on downloading purchased songs or other files that you want a little more protection on?

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      Hi Jason,

      I actually don’t hide the actual URL – I put the link in the response email so it requires them to have a valid email address. I’m sure, with some minor code, you could provide them a link with a hash that is the encrypted email address – then if they click it, you could see whether it was downloaded once already and stop anyone else from downloading it.

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        Keeping an eye out for it being downloaded and removing or changing the link wouldn’t be efficient. Being able to use a URL shortener type of a tool to quickly generate and obfuscated link and share with a user that would work a pre-defined number of times would be a very nice addition.

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    Does no one use a gravity forms + mail chimp integration with a drip-like popup / popover box to capture email addresses for newsletters? I noticed that this site actually uses drip and was seeking for a way to have a drip-like appearance without the cost.