WordPress Please Filter Incoming Links

The other day I commented on Robert Scoble's post, The anti-community list. It was a great post on methodologies that tools like Friendfeed use to try to promote following between members. Outside of lists that match your current relationships (e.g. your email contacts), I think these tools blur the incredible power of social networking.

Enough of that, though. Yesterday I noticed that Robert Scoble popped up in my incoming links:


Except that it wasn't really Robert Scoble saying… it was my comment on Robert's post that was now registering as a link back to my site. Only… it's not really a true incoming link since it's got nofollow associated.

WordPress needs to filter the incoming links to allow users to see weighted backlinks versus nofollow links. That would provide an easy way to keep these unnecessary links out of my dashboard.

What do you think?

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