WordPress: Post WordPress Releases Automatically

Quite a few of the blogs that I read post whenever a WordPress upgrade is released. It’s actually a little annoying but I like the fact that so many folks are concerned and want to get the word out quickly. If you’re one of those bloggers that likes to support it, don’t bother writing a post – have WordPress automatically post it to your blog using post via email!

Here’s how:

  1. Set up a very, very difficult email address for your account that no one will think to guess.
  2. Set up Post Via Email in WordPress with that email address and your other POP information:

    Post Via Email

  3. Now sign up for Release Notification with that Email Address at WordPress:

    WordPress Release Notification

Voila! Now WordPress will send a Release Notification directly to a post on your site!

UPDATE: You may want to add some code to replace any references to your email address or subscription links. I’ve not actually received one of these emails yet… but I’ll figure out how to do that once I receive my first.

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