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You may have noticed that I’ve been quiet this past week. It’s not from a lack of work, I’ve had quite a busy week!

One of the projects I’ve been working on this week has been a WordPress Plugin that allows direct SMS integration with Connective Mobile. The plugin is quite robust, with both an administrative interface and an author interface. The admin interface allows you to manage the integration’s features. The author interface allows you to add subscribers and send out messages to your text club subscribers.

Connective Mobile Administrative Interface:


  • Administrator level access only
  • API Authentication
  • Subscribe to comments (for the blog’s owner). Automatically filters out Akismet designated spam!
  • Blog post alerts (to notify your subscribers when a post is published, compatible with WordPress 2.6.1+)
  • A form to manually add a subscriber.
  • Get a count of subscribers.

connective mobile admin

Connective Mobile Author Interface:


  • Author level or higher access
  • Send a broadcast text message to your subscribers
  • Shorten a URL (using is.gd) that you want to put in your text message
  • Manually add a subscriber.
  • Get a count of subscribers.

connective mobile options

Connective Mobile has quite a robust API and I’ve been working with Adam there to both fine-tune the plugin and develop a great integration. WordPress has grown quite a bit over the last year and is being used for a number of uses, including ecommerce, client support notifications, event management, etc. Adding the ability to subscribe by SMS is a pretty cool feature.

We’re going to test it on my blog! If you’re interested in the plugin and the service, you can connect with Adam through their website. Be sure to mention my blog post, we’re working on coming up with a discount for my readers. We’d also like to add a few more test bloggers (service is limited to the US for now) that will give the service a workout.

The service is fully compliant with all carriers, requiring a double opt-in and opt-out options. You can opt-in by texting MartechLOG to 71813. You can opt-out by texting STOP MartechLOG to 71813.

NOTE: We’re not responsible for charges that your carrier may charge you for the text messages or data charges associated with them! This is totally beta right now (you should have been subscribed when it was alerting for all the SPAM comments!).


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    This looks awesome for the local small business. Looking forward to hear how it’s received at the coffee shop. Was originally thinking it would be good for having an admin manage comments while mobile but your ideas take it much farther.

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    Is it possible complytly change WP registration/password restoring process from email/password to phone/OTP-password(sent by sms)?

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