Using WordTracker to Build Your Question and Answers Content


We pay for a lot of tools to analyze our clients and we test even more. Every time I embark on a comprehensive keyword analysis strategy, one tool is always a necessity. I often don't touch it for months… and often let the subscription drop… but then…

They Pull Me Back In

WordTracker is a necessity because I can't find another tool that has the incredible, comprehensive variety of questions search users look for around each topic. We've discussed building a complete content library for your brand – and core to the success of that library is answering the questions that search engine users are entering. And, as time goes on, users are getting more and more verbose with their requests. This is a goldmine for any content marketer looking to complete their library.


Within the blue bar of WordTracker is a filter that you can utilize to include and exclude terms, set search engine volume ranges, or – most notably – filter to only keyword questions. Just apply the keyword questions filter, and you're presented with a fantastic array of the most popular questions that have been searched in the last month.

Chocolate Questions

Boom! This isn't just valuable because of what people have historically searched, it can also provide you a template for every product or service the client might be selling. For instance, we're working with an e-commerce client right now that has over 10,000 medicinal products in their catalog. By breaking down the question structure, we're able to see the content we must provide on every product page or stand-alone articles to be comprehensive:

  • DefinitionWhat is [ product name ]?
  • Ingredients – What's in [ product name ]?
  • Dosage – How much [ product name ] is needed to relieve [ symptom ]?
  • Application – Does [ product name ] relieve [ symptom ]
  • Symptom – How to relieve [ symptom ]?

Now we can take that result set and apply it to each and every product they sell to ensure that they have a complete content library.

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