Worldwide Map of the E-Commerce Boom

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While we are well aware of how quickly e-commerce is growing in the United States, at 4x the rate of retail, there are other countries that make these rates look like they are moving at a glacial pace. In China, e-commerce grew 51% in 2013 and e-commerce in India is predicted to leap from $13B in 2013 to up to $70B by 2020.

Managing more transactions than eBay and Amazon combined, Chinese company Alibaba provides the infrastructure to all Chinese e-commerce. Going public on the NYSE this year, Alibaba will be one of the top 20 most valuable companies traded in the United States. China is leading the way with average e-commerce sales growth rates of 57%, followed by India at 29.5%, Brazil at 13%, and the U.S. in 5th place at 12%. In the map from Baynote below, see the most interesting e-commerce statistics, along with an overview of web sales, monthly visitors, and their conversion rates for the world’s leading e-commerce companies. How are your marketing efforts changing to keep up with the e-commerce boom?

World According to E-Commerce