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Writing For People Who Do Not Read

This week, I responded to a Facebook comment (ok… it was an argument) and the author immediately responded… “So we agree!”. It made me go back and reread his comment. I was embarrassed to see how terrible my comment was in response to his – I totally missed his key points.

Later on, I found a comment on my blog that blasted me… but actually didn’t differ with my opinion that I had written. It really points to a major issue on the web – people aren’t reading anymore. It’s not a matter of laziness nor is it stupidity… I really believe it’s time. Folks reach your page, glance, and come to a conclusion.

What it really points to is a need for your online messaging to be designed for maximum comprehension. Your site needs visuals – either images or video – so that readers can glance at the content, combined with the image, and fully retain the information that you’re trying to convey through the message. It’s not enough to write a 500 word post anymore.

I advise clients to do a 2 second rule on their pages. Have someone that’s never been to your site before site down and flash the site to them for 2 full seconds.

  • What did they see?
  • Was there a central message?
  • Did they retain any of the information?
  • Did they know what to do next?

It’s not that everyone doesn’t take the time – but many don’t. And those very readers could be a perfect candidate for your products or services.

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