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Execution is always the biggest challenge when it comes to marketing initiatives – whether it’s developing a website or delivering an infographic, it seems that there are always many hand-offs nowadays. Since we work with a couple dozen clients, the list of tasks, prioritization and communication is hard to keep up with.

We utilize Basecamp for basic communication and project management, but the to-do section is fairly simple (although they did just add a nice feature where they show up on the calendar). The problem isn’t prioritization within a project… the problem is typically prioritization across all the projects.

Tonight I downloaded Wunderlist on my iPad and iPhone, an elegant and simple task management application that can be used anywhere. They have apps for all iOS and Android devices as well as a beautiful web interface to match.

There are tons of features packed into this incredible FREE application:

  • You can send an email to to create lists and tasks.
  • Set a due date and you’ll get a push notification on your mobile device.
  • Drag and drop prioritization in the user interface.
  • Add notes to your tasks that can be shared with others for additional clarification.
  • Share lists by email if someone who is on the share list doesn’t have an Wunderlist account.
  • Publish lists via a custom URL so that anyone can access the task list.
  • Print your lists in a beautifully styled print view.

We’re going to give Wunderlist a shot at work to try and improve coordination both internally and externally. If you’re one of our clients and you’d like us to share with you – let us know!

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