Yahoo! What the heck is a 52451930?

Today I received a beautiful email from Yahoo! requesting my feedback from a case that I recently submitted with them. I don’t remember submitting a case with them… though I have been working with the fine team at recently.

The email itself is designed well, as is the landing page with the survey to fill out. Here’s the problem… I have absolutely no clue what I’m being surveyed for!

Yahoo! Customer Support Survey

I would like nothing more than to thank Yahoo! for what they may have helped me with but there’s no information on the actual request, only this cryptic information:

Case number: 52451930
Property: Search
Contact date: 20070416

I realize that the contact date is April 16th, but I have no idea of any request I may have put in for “Search” on that date. This is a perfect example of a company that had all the best intentions and failed on execution. At minimum they could have provided me with a link on the Case Number so I could click on it and see what it was. Optimally, they should have included a description of the case in the email.

C’mon Yahoo! You can do better than this! The email and landing page are absolutely brilliant, but the single piece of information that is missing is what stopped me from providing feedback. I have no idea what I’m providing feedback on!

What do you think?

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