Yext: One Location Service to Rule Them All

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If you’ve ever attempted to register your business with the plethora of local sites out there, it’s a huge time-suck. Not only does every site have a different registration methodology, all of them are interrupting and pitching you on upsell listings. We registered with Yext today and paid for its PowerListings package. At less than $50 per month, it allows you to manage over 30 local listing sites all from a central platform.

Here’s an administration screen providing your listing information:

Since each source has its own database, there are 100s of databases of local information out there. But the problem is, they are totally disconnected, and whenever data changes, they quickly fall out of sync. In fact, on average, 6% of listings change each month, and the end result is that more than 20% of local search return factually incomplete information to end users. The end result is very frustrating for businesses and users… Yext PowerListings solves this huge problem by centralizing local search results across all those different sites with one system.

Here’s a search screen where you can search to find and connect your local listing with each site:
yext search

Within minutes, our listing was active on a few of the sites and we’re getting email alerts as others go live. While we don’t anticipate having a huge deluge of business as an agency through local search, it’s still important that our business be listed accurately and found through all of these sites. Especially with the incredible growth of location-based services on mobile devices. We want to be found locally just as much as nationally and internationally. If you’re a retail business, it’s imperative!

The interface is simple to use, and also allows multi-location corporations to manage their locations in an Enterprise version. Take a test run of Yext by searching for your own business across local sites. Thanks to our friends at EverEffect for the find!


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