WordPress SEO, Local SEO, Video SEO, Ecommerce SEO? Yoast!

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Joost de Valk has done it. Single handedly, his WordPress plugins are at the core of any effort to optimize your WordPress site for search engines. I had used other plugins to manage editing robots.txt, htaccess, build sitemaps, enable authorship and social microdata… and they’ve been unstable, haven’t kept up with algorithm changes, and simply haven’t performed. In fact, I think WordPress should simply purchase Yoast and incorporate all of Joost’s incredible plugins directly in the core product.

WordPress SEO

We utilize Yoast plugins for all of our clients. Just this week, they announced they purchased WP Force, a news and tutorial site for WordPress. And prior to this, Joost announced release of WordPress SEO Premium by Yoast, a combination of both a premium plugin and a paid service to get support from the team. If you can’t afford the premium package, another option is to purchase the Video Manual for the WordPress SEO Plugin.

WordPress Local SEO

Aside from integrated mapping, directions and multiple location features in the WordPress Plugin, Local SEO by Yoast, you also benefit from several search engine optimization features. They include KML File generation, XML sitemap inclusion, Address output in Schema.org format, opening hours with Schema.org.

WordPress Video SEO

Video is becoming more and more commonplace on sites. Many of our B2B clients are working on video resource sections of their sites to improve overall visibility in the search engines. Video SEO by Yoast automatically generates an XML Video Sitemap with MediaRSS enhancements, supports schema.org videoObject markup, generates customizable video snippet previews, generates Facebook OpenGraph tags on your video pages and supports the major video platforms, including Youtube, Vimeo, Blip, DailyMotion, Wistia and many others.

WordPress Woocommerce SEO

Yoast WooCommerce SEO provides enhancements for WooCommerce, a leading ecommerce plugin that adds all the elements of a store to your WordPress site. The SEO plugin improves OpenGraph and Twitter Card integration, optimizes the XML Sitemap, optimizes the breadcrumbs, and lays out the product page so your product content is highly visible.

We’ve included affiliate links to each of these products from Yoast and endorse them as the best on the market. After all, we even use them here to optimize Martech Zone! Congratulations to Joost and his team on their continued success!