Yotpo: Integrate Social Reviews on Your Ecommerce Site


70% of online shoppers say reviews have a major impact on their purchase decision (Source). 60% of online shoppers indicate that reviews are the most important factor when choosing a product. And 90% of online consumers trust recommendations from people they know. With that in mind, every company needs to employ capturing reviews on their products and services.

Reviews have challenges for ecommerce sites, though:

  • Reviews attract both SPAM and inauthentic reviews from less-than-scrupulous competitors.
  • Once you implement reviews, it's key to capture as many as you can since product pages with little/no reviews aren't trustworthy.
  • There's has not been a strong integration for ecommerce review systems and social media.

Yotpo hopes to change this through their review platform, enabling shops to generate more reviews for their products, and present them beautifully. Here's a tour of key features and functionality of Yotpo.

  • Importing Reviews – You don't have to lose your existing reviews in order to start using Yotpo. We'll seamlessly import your reviews from whatever platform you're on.
  • Language Customization – Yotpo is used all over the globe. Our widget is easily translatable into any language known to man.
  • Look and Feel Customization – Your shop is unique. We respect that and offer a wide range of customizations, both for our widget and the Mail After Purchase email.
  • Powerful Moderation Tools – You can easily choose which reviews to show and which to hide. Whenever you receive a new review, we'll let you know the customer's email address, so that you can either thank that customer or solve any issues that might have arisen.
  • Mail After Purchase – Dramatically increase reviews. Yotpo automatically emails your shoppers, at a set time after purchase, to encourage them to leave reviews. Customers can leave reviews directly within the email, making the process super simple.
  • In-Depth email analytics – see how effective your email campaigns are with in-depth analytics.
  • Foster Your Social Community – reach new potential customers by publishing your new reviews directly onto your social pages. Yotpo gives you the ability to thank the reviewers on Facebook and Twitter. Your followers can leave comments and click on the posts to read the reviews. You choose which reviews to publish.
  • Social Circles – Encourage your shoppers to share their reviews on their social channels. After a shopper leaves a review, Yotpo makes it easy for them to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

A review by someone who bought a product from your shop is worth more than a review by a random passerby. Yotpo assigns badges to each reviewer, and ranks reviews based on credibility. This adds a layer of trust that has been proven to help drive sales. Potential customers finally know they can trust what they're reading. Yotpo gives shop-owners a wide suite of in-depth analytics in order to help you understand what your customers like and what they want to see improved.

Yotpo is free to use if you are a small to medium sized business. For sites that generate more than 1 million page views/month, we offer Yotpo Enterprise.


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    Thanks so much Douglas for the great post on Yotpo. My name’s Justin Butlion and I’m the Marketing Manager of Yotpo. I welcome you and any of your readers that have any questions to comment below or if preferred, to contact me via email at justin@yotpo.com.

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