Add Annotations to Your Youtube Videos

youtube annotations

Most businesses upload videos to Youtube but don't take advantage of optimizing their video nor adding annotations. With annotations you can layer text, links, and hotspots over your video. Annotations allow you to add information, interactivity and engagement. For businesses, this means you can overlay calls-to-action directly in the video – adding a link back to a demo, download or registration.

Annotations don't just display on Youtube, they are also displayed in any of the embedded players. At minimum, you should add an annotation to request the viewers subscribe to your Youtube channel!

There are five different types of annotations to choose from:

  • Speech bubble create pop-up speech bubbles with text.
  • Spotlight – highlight areas in a video; when the user moves the mouse over these areas the text you enter will appear.
  • Note – create pop-up boxes containing text.
  • Title – create a text overlay to title your video.
  • Label – create a label to call out and name a specific part of your video.

Notes, Speech Bubbles and Spotlights, can be linked to “content” such as other videos, same video, channel pages, playlists, search results. Similarly, they can also be linked to “calls to action” such as subscribe, compose message and upload video response. Check the “Link” box underneath the “Start” and “End” settings. You can choose whether you want the annotation to link to another video, your channel, or to an external link.

For some advanced tips on using Youtube annotations – visit their support page on the topic. To really leverage Youtube, check out the Creator Playbook they've developed!

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