Youtube Marketing: Why It’s Still a Must!

youtube marketing

We hosted a regional meeting of podcasters at our office to discuss the proliferation of video in podcasting. It was an incredible discussion – from new technology, technological challenges, to real-time social video strategies. In none of the conversations was the question asked, should we be doing video? Rather, it was all about how we can execute video to accompany the podcasting efforts the most efficient way possible.

As one podcaster, Chris Spangle, an audio and video content expert responded: Youtube is where the searches are. It continues to be the #2 most searched site aside from Google itself. Not everyone wishes to read a blog post or listen to a podcast – they want video.

Youtube is the world’s largest video-sharing community. With billions of users and new content uploaded every second, it’s an online entertainment powerhouse with 10 times the usership of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu combined. WebpageFX

Youtube boasts over one billion users, with over half of them logging in from a mobile device. Over four billion videos are watched daily with the average user session clocked out at 40 minutes

Youtube also has live-streaming options and social tools, which its expanding as it works to keep in line with evolving consumer trends – while they also recently added the ability to target users based on their Google search behavior, another key benefit. Andrew Hutchinson

WebPageFX produced this infographic, Why Youtube Matters to Marketing, and provides nine strategies for ensuring your brand is well-represented on Youtube:

  1. Use your brand name in your channel name.
  2. Add keywords to your channel name.
  3. Use keyword-rich video titles.
  4. Add brand name to video titles.
  5. Consistently brand your videos with an intro or logo.
  6. Use your Audience Retention Report.
  7. Update your Youtube channel regularly.
  8. Produce videos between 31-60 seconds.
  9. Share your videos on your website.

Well-produced videos have branded intro footage, clear speaking, high-definition footage, a professional experience, clean transitions, how-to demonstrations, and a clear call-to-action.

why youtube matters to marketing


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