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This morning I’m sending our sales training folks a screenshot… page 1 of a search for Sandler sales training. Unique about the page results is that there is a video result in it – for a Charlotte Sandler training center. The video title and description have been optimized nicely to get it in the search results.

video search result

This video captures a lot of attention as the only image displayed on the page, and I’m confident the click-through rate is nice. The video description also starts with a link back directly to their corporate site, too, to help drive conversions. Their corporate parent company doesn’t allow them to optimize or work on their website, so the ability to put up videos may be the greatest means of these training centers actually getting attention on search engines.

Not only is Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, they also display video results as a section in many search engine results on Google. Many people simply don’t want to read… they want to jump right into a video. As a result, video has been a long-time secret of inbound marketing companies, especially on pages with highly competitive search terms. The above example is a great one… with Sandler sales training in every major city, they’re all jockeying for position and the competitive sales training companies want those search results as well!

Video is quickly becoming a vital part of a company’s ability to inform consumers, market services and increase web presence. Building Youtube ranking capabilities into our SEO software provides our customers with critical insights to ensure their business or service appears on the first page of Youtube and also Google. Krista LaRiviere, Cofounder and CEO, gShift Labs

Video is so important, in fact, that companies like gShift Labs have incorporated Youtube video tracking directly into their search engine optimization platforms:

youtube ranking screenshot

gShift Labs has also provided their clients with a video to help them optimize their Youtube videos for improved ranking:

The post title, description and tags are key elements for utilizing keywords effectively. Try to use keywords as the first terms rather than in the middle or last terms in the title and description. If you’re pushing visitors back to your site, we highly recommend putting a URL as the very first part of the description. Youtube only shows the first line of the description unless you click expand, so having a link prominently displayed will generate more traffic back to your site.

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    Douglas, good you have explained the importance of videos. But tell me one thing: Do I need to upload my own video or I can just pick a related video from YouTube, for example?

    I ask this because often, bloggers do not have the resources to record a video and upload it.

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