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You’ve been duped by MySpace

MySpaceI’ll start by saying that I don’t like MySpace. In fact, I can’t stand MySpace. I have a MySpace account so that I can keep track of my son, who his friends are, and what he’s writing and posting. He knows that’s the reason, and he’s okay with that. I give him a lot of freedom online, and in return, he doesn’t violate or use my trust. He’s a great kid.

It seems that everything I click in MySpace doesn’t respond or load fully. The user interface is excruciatingly terrible. I read online that it’s one of the top sites on the net. I’m not sure why, it’s terrible.

Now comes the truth of MySpace…

1. MySpace is NOT a viral success.
2. is Spam 2.0.
3. Tom Anderson did NOT create MySpace.Tom
4. MySpace’s CEO Chris DeWolfe is connected to a past of spam.
5. MySpace was a direct assault on

So… it winds up that MySpace is merely a site designed as a cash cow for advertising. Pretty nasty huh? All the lurid details are in a ‘tell all’ from Trent Lapinski, a reporter who has uncovered the truth about MySpace at Valleywag.

Sound shady? Yea, I think so too. Even nastier is that the owners of MySpace, Newscorp, have allegedly been trying to cover the truth up through harassment and legal wrangling. It’s sad that a news organization… someone protected by the Constitution and keepers of the ‘truth’ would be involved in such a nasty business. This is yet another blow to a large news organization… perhaps another last breath of a dying giant.

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