Zapiet: Enable Delivery and Store Pickup with Shopify

Shopify and Zapiet: Ecommerce and Delivery

With countries isolating from the spread of COVID-19, companies are struggling to keep their employees working, their doors open, and make ends meet. For the last couple months, I’ve been assisting a local farm doing meat delivery in Indianapolis with their Shopify installation. They had had a number of vendors who assembled the system prior to me coming on board and I was working to tighten the integration and optimization when the pandemic hit.

The farm is now working day and night to keep up with demand, and with it has been my support of end customers as well as the staff. They didn’t have anyone technical to assist and there was a lot of manual integration. However, one highlight of their Shopify installation was an application built by Zapiet for Store Pickup and Delivery.

Zapiet Store Pickup + Delivery

With their app, I was able to create distinct postal code based zones that have set preparation times and delivery days. We were also able to add store locations for customers to directly pickup their orders. Preparation times enable the staff to have time to assemble the orders, load, and deliver them or have them picked up. In this client’s case, they had their own delivery force. The app integrates with other delivery services, too, though.

The integration with the Shopify cart is seamless, allowing the customer to select delivery or store pickup. If it’s delivery, the postal codes or zips are validated as a location that’s delivered to and a date selector is provided to select the appropriate delivery date. If it’s a store pickup, you can find the closest store. If you only have one location, you just select when you’d like to pick up the order. Here’s what it looks like on my client’s site:

tyner pond farm store pickup

Side note: If you’re in central Indiana and would like to try Tyner Pond Farm home delivery, here’s a 10% discount on your first order!

Zapiet’s Shopify App is so successful that their support team said they’ve added over one thousand stores during this crisis. The team there is working day and night to assist those customers onboard and configure their app.

The app is incredibly flexible. When we needed to close down store pickup, it was as easy as turning it off in the app and we can always re-enable it when the crisis is over. We also enabled a nice message bar that comes with the app, enabling new visitors to check to see if we delivery to their zip code.

Features of Store Pickup + Delivery Include:

  • Product availability – Mark individual products as only available for pickup, delivery or shipping.
  • Shopify POS integration – View, manage and organise your pickup and delivery orders in-store.
  • Multi-location inventory – Synchronise and show customers live availability across every location.
  • Order management – See at a glance what orders need preparing for any given day or outlet.
  • Fraud prevention – Keep your orders extra safe from fraud by implementing the app’s Security Code feature.
  • Unlimited locations – Easily import all your locations and manage them individually.
  • Extensive customizability – Define availability, breakpoints, offsets, automation, rules, and more.
  • Date and time picker – Set location and product availability down to 5-minute intervals and let customers choose.
  • Fully compatible – Integrate with Deliv, Quiqup, Intuitive Shipping, Bespoke Shipping, Advanced Shipping Rules and more. See all of Zapiet’s integrations.
  • Draft order support – Convert existing draft orders into pickup or delivery orders.
  • Delivery slot limits – Avoid overcommitments by limiting the number of deliveries in any given time slot.
  • Geodistance validation – Automatically offer the right price and service based on customer location.

And, if you want to customize your delivery rates, Zapiet also has an app for Delivery Rates by Distance or Delivery Rates by Zip Code. Zapiet offers a 14-day free trial, so you can check the app suits your workflow and does what you need. Cancel within that time and you won’t be charged.

Install Zapiet Store Location + Delivery

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